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Fenchurch Faris Ltd. Jordan is a registered Lloyd’s Broker with 40 years under its belt providing insurance and reinsurance risk management services across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The Company was launched as a joint venture between Basim R. Faris, who is a Fellow of the Chartered Insurance Institute in the U.K., and Fenchurch PLC, an English insurance brokerage.

The Company consists of 11 regional offices in 8 countries across the region and our clients include insurance companies, corporate entities, SME’s and individuals.

Our History


Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem, Palestine (1944)

Our relationship with insurance can be traced back 3 generations to the accomplishments of Basim Amin Faris, who was born in 1903.

A master’s graduate of Harvard University, he co-founded the Arabia Insurance Company in Jerusalem in 1944, which was, ostensibly, the first insurer in the Arab World. The company was forced to relocate to Beirut, Lebanon in 1955, and still operates today.

Basim Amin Faris later authored the seminal book, “Insurance and Reinsurance in the Arab World” (Kluwer Publishing Ltd, London, 1983).

Our People

Regional Offices

Our focus has always been on building trust through complete transparency and accountability by focusing on:

Our Core Values

Why Clients Trust Us

  • Exercising full transparency & disclosure in all of our business dealings and evaluating clients’ risks on the basis of sound underwriting principles.

  • Optimizing the effectiveness of the organization as a whole by ensuring that all offices and branches operate on the basis of uniform & consistent principles and procedures.

  • Offering high-caliber, secure products with the highest level of service quality and providing the most effective level of claims management and resolution.

  • Recruiting the best and providing them with the resources needed to further their self-development and realize their full potential while adhering to the core values of the Company.

Our Board

Board Members

Basim R. Faris

Founder & Chairman

Mohammed El-Sayed

Board Member


Wael Said Khoury

Vice Chairman (Al-Said Ltd.)

Zayd B. Faris
Board Member
Rafat B. Faris

Board Member

Our Numbers

Some Key Figures

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