15 Feb, 2023

Fenchurch Faris is proud to announce that on February 8th, 2023, Fenchurch Faris Oman won two awards at GIG Gulf’s VIP Brokers Event at Al Bustan Palace in Muscat, with 100 members of the Oman brokerage community in attendance.  The awards won were for Employee Benefits Broker of the Year and for Rising Star – Healthcare Large Corporate Products.

The Fenchurch Faris Oman team that received the awards from GIG senior members consisted of Ms. Archana Ayyar, Ms. Amira Al Mazroui, Ms. Samiya Al Balushi, Ms. Imen, Ms. Sukanya Anil & Mr. Mathias.

Mr. Praneshwaran Varadhrajan, DGM of Medical & Life at Fenchurch Faris Oman, said, “We are very proud and honored to have won these two awards, which showcase our commitment to providing our clients with quality insurance services.

The Employee Benefits Broker of the Year award was presented to Fenchurch Faris Oman for its excellent customer service, innovative approach towards providing employee benefits solutions, and its ability to deliver customized solutions tailored to each client’s needs.  The Rising Star – Healthcare Large Corporate Products award recognizes Fenchurch Faris Oman for its commitment towards providing healthcare solutions that are tailored for large corporate customers. This award showcases their dedication towards understanding customer needs and delivering effective solutions accordingly.

Mr. Varadhrajan added, “We strive to ensure that our customers receive the best possible coverage, and this recognition is a testament to our success. GIG Gulf understands the Oman market very well and they always complement our efforts by providing the most viable and cost-effective solutions.”

Following its 2022 transition from AXA, GIG Gulf is one of the largest insurance providers in the MENA region.

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